Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy


 Hipermer Hiperbaric Oxygen Treatment Center has been founded and started its services in 2002. The number of the branches expanded to 5 in different regions of İstanbul with the contribution of  dedicated,  expert staff and physicians. The center provides hyperbaric oxygen treatment in various diseases mainly as follows

Wounds: HBO therapy provides extra oxygen to support the growth of new blood vessels that replace vessels damaged by diabetic ulcers, radiation injury, soft tissue damage, and chronic, nonhealing wounds.
Carbon monoxide/cyanide poisoning: HBO therapy forces toxic gasses out of the blood stream and provides extra amounts of oxygen to help damaged tissues recover more rapidly. The rapid removal of toxins can help prevent neurological disorders caused by toxicity.
Infections: HBO therapy augments the body's ability to kill bacteria in wounds such as gas gangrene (clostridial myonecrosis) or bone infections.
HBO therapy is considered as effective for the healing process of following diseases yet not enough evidence is proven scientifically.
Cerebral Palsy
Lyme Disease
Multiple Sclerosis
Near Drowning
Recovery from Plastic Surgery
Sports Injuries
Traumatic Brain Injury

 HBO therapy requires a chest X-ray prior to starting treatment. Other diagnostic tests may be required to determine if HBO therapy is appropriate for you (e.g., a transcutaneous oxygen measurement, bone scan, or magnetic resonance imaging [MRI]). Any additional testing will be determined on an individual basis.
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