Travel And Tourism Assistance

Health is the most important component in a person's life.  If you have are having a problem with your body, or need to have a treatment, we plan your medical tour on your behalf. This way, you do not need to undergo the stress of planning.  We help you design your treatment package upon your needs, and assist you both in the period of planning and during your stay.  As MEDCO, our mission is to offer the best medical care and a VIP treatment at a reasonable cost.

We plan to upgrade your current health conditions and improve the quality of your life. We can organize your trip from the very start to the end with travel agencies and airline companies while being able to keep your costs at a minimum.

The following services are provided:

- Airport welcome and farewell

- Interpretation and assistance services

- Accommodation at 3*, 4* or 5* Hotels

- Guided city tours and holiday organizations before or after treatment

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