Bariatric Surgery

Weight loss surgery helps people who have extreme obesity to lose weight. This surgery is an option for people who cannot lose weight even though trying for the last 1-2 years by means of diet and exercise or who suffer from serious health problems related to obesity. The surgery restricts food intake, which promotes weight loss and reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.


Weight loss surgeries are either performed under general anesthesia and before going to surgery, the patient is scanned thorougly by a team of doctors. Doctors consultations are very important before entering the surgery. There are many different types of bariatric surgeries. Bariatric Surgery may last around half an hour, or 3-5 hours depending on the technique used. Post op recovery period is around 5 to 10 days. 4-6 days post op care at the hospital will be sufficient for a speed and comfortable recovery.


Many people who have gone through the surgery lose weight quickly, but regain some weight later on. The best results occur when patients follow surgery with healthy eating patterns and regular exercise. You will also need medical follow-up for the rest of your life.


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