Eye Surgery


Millions of people have different kind of problems with their vision. The majority of people suffer from eye vision troubles; others suffer from a variety of problems some of which are cataracts, retinal problems and corneal diseases which all have a cure of its own nowadays.  

Our main flow of patients come for Laser Eye treatments, below you may find some information on Laser Treatment.




Laser Treatment at Dünyagöz Hospital


LASIK method is based on the following principle: A thin layer is cut and opened like a lid on the upper surface of cornea and diopter values are corrected by "Excimer Laser" on the surface of the resulting cornea. At Dünyagöz Hospitals Group, the operations are performed by the physicians who are specialized in laser operations.  

According to the studies performed only 50% of the patients requesting to undergo laser operations are found eligible for Laser treatment. As Medco, we do our LASIK eye surgeries performed by laser devices approved by FDA (American Food and Drug Administration).

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