Prices vary depending on the choice of the hospital and other variables.
Please see below our starting prices for each procedure.
All prices are in EURO

Dentist Examination13 EUR
Specialist Examination13 EUR
Dentist Consultation0 EUR
Specialist Consultation0 EUR
Panoramic X-ray0 EUR
Local Anaesthesia0 EUR
Tooth Extraction25 EUR
Complicated Extraction175 EUR
Filling50 EUR
Impacted Tooth Operation175 EUR
Wisdom Tooth Operation135 EUR
Root Canal Treatment(excl.filling)50 EUR
Canal Treatment of Infected Tooth(excl.filling)75 EUR
Metal Ceramic Crown95 EUR
Zirconia Crown190 EUR
Space Maintainer105 EUR
Denture( Single Jaw)500 EUR
Denture Repair30 EUR
Implant550 EUR
Metal Ceramic Crown on Implant165 EUR
Zirconia Crown on Implant275 EUR
Teeth Whitening with Zoom-Deep Technique285 EUR
Dental Night Guard155 EUR
Amputation(incl.filling)95 EUR
Compomer Filling55 EUR
Milk Tooth Extraction25 EUR
Curettage( whole mouth)380 EUR
Flapoperation( whole mouth)948 EUR
Pulp Capping50 EUR
Sinuslift660 EUR
Fluoride Application(whole mouth)55 EUR
Flapoperation( single tooth)50 EUR
Veneer385 EUR