1)  How do we organize your stay?

If you inform us about what kind of treatment you are willing to have at least a month prior to your arrival, we will at first be examining thoroughly your health conditions, later we will be deciding on what type of treatment to offer, tell you in depth about your conditions and treatment procedures.  At the end, if you decide to get the treatment, we will organise your trip plan, accommodation, appointment day with the doctor, and your treatment service.

2)  What is the cost of my treatment?

Your treatment cost not only depends on what type of treatment you are willing to have but also the procedures that you will have to go through during the treatment faze.  In terms of price, you will be informed about the general and minimum price level that will be expected from you.  If your doctors require extra tests regarding your treatment during your stay, the price will change accordingly.


3)  What is the duration of my stay?

Duration of your stay depends on what type of treatment you are willing to consider.  After you have decided about the treatment, your health condition will be examined by our doctors, and you will be given thorough information about your treatment details including your duration of stay.